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Operation Unity Rules

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Campaign Format

The basic format of the campaign is an advance along three routes to the Lesser Magellanic Cloud. Each of these three routes consists of four "areas," each of which is designated by a letter and number.

At the beginning of the campaign, each of the 12 areas includes a single Andromedan Satellite Base, forming the remainder of the Andromedan's rapid strategic transportation system. The Galactic Powers must move up the three paths toward the Lesser Magellanic Cloud. In each area they will fight a battle to destroy the Andromedan base. The Galactic Powers cannot advance into an area until they have "secured" all of the previous/lower areas along that route, i.e. having eliminated the Andromedan Satellite Base from that area and having deployed in that area a modile base of their own.

The GP side will operate three "battle forces," one on each route. Each may fight one scenario each round. If a battle force retreats from the scenario on a given round, it is placed in the next lower area on that route. If the battle force compels the Andromedans to retreat, it remains in the area where the scenario occurred. Disengaged ships from the victorious side are not required to retreat.

Campaign Organization

The campaign is played in rounds, each of which will include up to three scenarios of combat (one on each route). There may be any number of rounds. The campaign continues until either the Andromedans or the Galactic Powers win. Each round consists of the following actions which are taken in precisely the order noted.

  1. Andromedans receive reinforcements

    Andromedan reinforcements are described in the Andromedan Fleet section.

  2. Galactic Powers receive replacements

    Galactic Powers replacements are described in the Route One Fleet, Route Two Fleet, and Route Three Fleet sections.

  3. Andromedan announces initiative

    Each round, the Andromedan side selects and assigns his units to each of the three routes.He can assign a maximum of two major ships (those equiped with a Displacement Device) to each route,plus whatever satellite ships the major ships hold. Ships without a Displacement Device cannot deploy independently. The classes of the major ships are announced at this point; the satellites are revealed when launched.

    The Andromedan is not required to deploy any ships; if he does not do so, the Galactic Powers side will automatically "win" that battle and could "advance."

    Also, during this step, the Andromedan side selects one route on which his forces may make a preemptive advance. (Preemptive advances cannot be made into The Galaxy in the first round.) His forces advance on this route, forcing the Galactic Powers forces to fight defensively.

  4. Galactic Power forces determine if they qualify to advance

    In order to advance, the Galactic Powers forces on that route must have a certain strength in relation to the Andromedan forces deployed.

    • Two or more Intruders: Galactic Powers forces must include at least five cruisers to advance.
    • One but less than two Intruders: Galactic Powers forces must include at least three cruisers to advance.
    • Less than one Intruder: Galactic Powers forces must include at least one cruiser to advance.

    Andromedans count a Dominator as 2 Intruders, a Conquistador as 2/3 of an Intruder, and a Python as 1/3 of an Intruder.

    Galactic Powers firces count size class 4 ships as 1/2 of a cruiser, size class 3 ships as 1 cruiser, and size class 2 ships as 1 1/2 cruisers. Carriers and PFTs cound as 1 cruiser if they have at least half of their fighters and half of their PFs (if any); SCSs and CVAs count as 2 cruisers if they have at least half of their fighters and half of their PFs (if any) and 1 cruiser if they do not. Casual PF flotillas do not count as a cruiser for purposes of advancement.

  5. Calactic Powers conduct advances

    Galactic Powers firces which are qualified to advance (and not on the route where the Andromedan used his initiative) may advance to the next area. The battle for that route (for the current round) will be fought in that area. The Star Fleet Corps of Engineers will build a mobile base in this area between rounds.

  6. Andromedan conducts advances

    Andromedan forces on any route where the Galactic Powers forces did not advance may themselves advance, again forcing the Galactic Powers forces to fight defensively. This is not initiative; the Andromedans cannot enter The Galaxy in this manner, and any such penetration of The Galaxy will be the focus of operations, delaying any other offensives until the penetration is destroyed.

  7. Resolve the battle scenarios

    The battle scenarios are described in the Scenario Format section.

  8. Record-keeping segment

    Repair: Between scenarios, repair is limited to (D9.4). Ships can be completely repaired by sending them to The Galaxy or the Andromedan starbase. Doing so, however, will take them out of service on the subsequent round, after which they return to the Forces Pool. Repair by the Desecrator is the only way in which an Andromedan mothership can have its hanger spaces reconfigured to carry different satellite ships. Ships that drop their warp engines are returned there and are out of play for three rounds; booms and saucers return as complete ships after four rounds. Andromedan motherships include repair facilities to repair their satellite ships, allowing them to fully repair their satellite ships between rounds. Some Galactic Forces Ships have repair facilities to repair their fighters and PFs, allowind them to fully repair their fighters and PFs between rounds.

    Bases: If there was not a base in an area at the end of the scenario, the player with forces remaining has the option of placing a base there during the record-keeping phase. Neither side can place a base in an area unless they have bases in all areas between that area and that side's home area. Each side will begin each round at the point of its most advanced base on each route.

    Resupply: This is governed by the standard rules in (U1.0) for both sides, except that (U1.4) is replaced by (U6.281) and (U1.34) is limited to 100 points for EACH race (total for the campaign); in addition, the Kzintis and Klingons get 100 extra points, and the Federation and Orions get 50 extra points to be used only for drones. Speed cost upgrades do not count for this purpose.

    Transfer: The forces pool of each route may send one ship per round to the forces pool of another route. That ship cannot be added to the battle forces of the receiving route until the next round.

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