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Frequently Asked Questions

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Last Updated: June 15, 1999 18:00 GMT


During the registration and fleet assignment there have been many questions asked. If you think that a question needs to be answered here please forward it along.

  1. How will the teams organize their efforts?
    The Official ADB BBS will have a secure thread for each team. Please take a moment to go there now and register.
  2. How will players be assigned to the three routes?
    The Fleet Admirals will assign players to the three routes. The Fleet Admirals will assign players their rank in each route. The Fleet Admirals will choose which ship will be flown by which player. The Fleet Admirals will control just about every aspect of each player's career.
  3. Will there be any restrictions on communications?
    Players will be free to communicate with each other at all times without restriction.
  4. What if a player disappears?
    A player disappearance will be detected 24 hours before a SITREP goes out. This will give that player's commanding officer time to send out an SOP for him. If this happens repeatedly and without notice the player will be replaced/removed. Players should make arrangements for vacations and other PBEM absences.
    EXCEPTION: There will be breaks for Origins (July 1-4) and GenCon (August 5-8) as well as Thanksgiving (November 25-28) and Christmas (23-26). Players who believe that another holiday season should be added to this list then they should contact us directly with details.
  5. How many scouts can be a part of a fleet? What parts of the (S8.0) restrictions will be in force?
    All (S8.0) restrictions will be in effect. Each Galactic Powers fleet is limited to two scouts. Each Andromedan Fleet is limited to one scout per mothership. A mothership with scout channels cannot carry a scout satellite ship.
  6. Can escort ships operate without the ship they are required to protect?
    Escort ships can operate independently, but it is probably unwise to do so before the ship they are required to protect has been destroyed.
  7. What is the problem with the Bulletin Board groups on the Star Fleet Games site?
    After you register for the BBS send me an e-mail with your username. I will make the necessary modifications to add you to the appropriate group.
  8. Can you send an undamaged Romulan back to the galaxy to change the modular pods?
    Yes you can send an undamaged Romulan ship in to replace the modules. There is also a provision to send back an Orion ship for one with different option mounts. I will research the various legal trade-ins and post a complete listing by Friday.
  9. What rules will be in effect for Operation Unity?
    All non-optional rules from Basic, Advanced, C1, C2, C3, J, K, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, and X will be in force. Please note that the X-ship rules from Module X will supercede those in Advanced Missions. EXCEPTION: Ship Separation and Crew Quality (G21.0) are the only optional rules that will be used.
  10. How will initial Crew Quality be determined?
    (U7.0) has rules governing Crew Quality and includes a table showing what percentage of each size class of ship has an Outstanding, Normal or Poor crew. I will use that chart and roll randomly for each ship once they are chosen.

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