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Operation Unity Scenario Format

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Every battle in Operation Unity will follow this scenario format. The SFB-PBEM Fleet Action Rules will be used.

Initial Set Up:

Defending Player: If there is a base, deploy it in 0505 (Andromedan base) or 3725 (Galactic Powers base), initial facing and rotation rate at owning side's option, and deploy the forces friendly to that base within 5 hexes of it, heading at owning side's option, speed 10, WS-III. Andromedan motherships may have deployed satellites prior to the enemy entering the map.
Attacking Player: Deploy the arriving forces within 5 hexes of 0505 (Andromedans) or 3725 (Galactic Powers), heading at owning side's option, speed max, WS-III. Andromedan motherships may have deployed satellites prior to entering the map.

Length of Scenario:

The scenario continues until all forces belonging to one side have been destroyed, captured, or have disengaged.


Special Rules:

  • Use a floating map.
Shuttles and PFs:
  • All shuttles and PFs have warp booster packs.
  • The Galactic Powers side may employ their race's MRS shuttles so long as the total number present in any given battle force does not exceed the deployment limits of (J8.5).
  • One fighter in every squadron (J4.46) of 8 to 12 fighters is an EW fighter.
  • The six PFs carried by any true PFT will be a standard flotilla, including one leader and one scout.
  • Up to six casual PFs may be present in this scenarion on the mech-links of the various ships; none of these can be a scout of leader version. They can be of different races and types so long as each is transported on a ship of its own race.
Commander's Option Items:
  • Each ship can have additional or special equipment as Commander's Option items up to 20% of its combat BPV. See (S3.2) for details and exceptions.
  • All drones are "fast," speed 32. Each Galactic Powers ship equipped with drone racks can have and select special drones up to his racial historical percentaces. Note that (S3.2) allows drone ships extra points for this purpose.
  • All ships have all refits except "X" refits which are covered under a separate rule.

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