SFB PBEM Rules
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   Comm Rules
   Rules To Use
   PBEM Rules FAQ
   FC PBEM Rules
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This section contains all the rules needed to play Star Fleet Battles or Federation Commander PBEM games. It also has links to some rules advice and frequently asked questions.

SFB PBEM Rules The official rules used to conduct Star Fleet Battles PBEM games.

SFB Rules Errata The SFB On-line Errata File is a listing of corrections and clarifications to the Captain's Edition rulebook. A must-have. A text version is available for download.

Fleet Rules This is an experimental set of rules to be used in full fleet battles. Give them a try. If they work, great. If not, please let us know how we can fix them.

Note: While these rules were orignally written for SFB games, they should be fairly easy to adapt to Federation Commander.

Comm Rules
A set of rules used in multi-player battles to simulate the limited communications available in large battles.

Rules To Use This section lists all the rules that are used to play SFB PBEM. It lists the SFB products you will need to effectively play the game, plus any on-line resources required. Finally, any clarifications to the existing rules are noted here.

PBEM Rules FAQ Outlines some common problems that arise in PBEM, and how to handle them.

FC PBEM Rules The official rules used to conduct Federation Commander PBEM games.

FC Communique The Communiques contain corrections and clarifications to the Federation Commander rulebook as well as playtest ships/scenarios. You will need to create an account (which is free) to access the information if you don't already have one.

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