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This section lists the products, rules, and errata considered "official" for PBEM play. It also outlines the official status of other rules outlets.

Official SFB Rules

The following rules are official for all SFB PBEM games and tournaments.

  • The SFB Captain's Edition Rule Books: This includes Basic Set, Advanced Mission, and Modules C1 - C3, plus any additional modules required for the special units involved in your particular game (Module K for P/Fs, Module J/J2 for fighters, the various R modules, etc.).
  • Captain's Logs: Although it seldom happens, rules updates and interpretations are sometimes published in Captain's Logs. Any such rules are considered valid and official. We will try to get a list of all Captain's Logs containing rulings. However, every Captain's Log contains information on rules interpretations in the Phaser-G, Ask Commodore Ketrick, and Term Papers sections (though some term papers are later ruled to be illegal; see below).
  • The 1994 Errata File: Though it mostly contains corrections to typos and rules references, the 1994 Errata File also contains rules clarifications and updates. These rules are available on the web, at the Star Fleet Battles On-Line Errata Page. You can look them up on-line, or download a text version.
  • Module T: Module T lists the rules that are used in sanctioned SFB tourneys. If you are playing in a PBEM tourney, you are expected to know the contents of this module. It is also modified by changes to ships found in the Star Fleet Universe Online Resources Tournament Information Page.
  • Rules Clarifications: The following rules clarifications are official and used in SFB PBEM and all sanctioned tournaments:
    • Andromedan Displacement Announcement: At the time that Andromedans announce intent to displace, they must ANNOUNCE the direction of displacement, but must also record the hex to which they will displace. The hex must be revealed upon successful displacement. Note that this rule invalidates the Term Paper Andromedan Attack by Lee Larson that appeared in Captain's Log #12.
    • Following Units: In an older issue of Star Fleet Times, Steve Cole wrote an article outlining an alternative movement Order of Preference to use when following units through asteroids. While following units is not part of Tourney play, it might be used in non-tourney PBEM games.

Official FC Rules

The following rules are official for all FC PBEM games.

  • The Federation Commander Rule Book: At the time of this writing, the only FC rulebook available is Federation Commander: Klingon Border. However, as new FC products are released, they should be included in this rule.
  • Captain's Logs: Although it seldom happens, rules updates and interpretations are sometimes published in Captain's Logs. Any such rules are considered valid and official.
  • Communiques: The Communiques are available from the Commander's Circle in the Federation Commander area. The Communiques list any errata items that have been released (in addition to their other information).

Unofficial Rules

This section lists other sources of rules and clarifications, and how they will be treated in PBEM. In general, these sources can be considered by judges for purposes of clarifying ambiguous situations, but they are not binding and can, at judge's discretion, be ignored.

  • Starletter and Star Fleet Times: With the exceptions noted above, Starletter and Star Fleet Times are considered unofficial sources of rules.
  • The GEnie Forum Rulings: There is (or was) a list of rulings on GEnie's SFB Forum. Because these are not available to all players, they are considered unofficial.
  • Net Rulings and Personal Mail: Rulings from official ADB personnel are considered unofficial. This includes rulings posted on Usenet groups, on-line BBS systems, or sent to you via personal mail, electronic or the snail variety. Any such rulings which become official will be added to this page.

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