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Below is the list of Revisions that the SFB PBEM Rules have undergone.

  • REV 1, 1/22/96 by Mike ‘Junker’ Mulka (BattleForce CompuServe)
  • REV 2, 3/15/96 by Mike ‘Junker’ Mulka (BattleForce CompuServe)
  • REV 3, 6/11/96 by ADB PBEM Website Staff
  • REV 4, 9/2/96 by Mike ‘Junker’ Mulka (BattleForce CompuServe)
  • REV 5, 10/8/96 by Mike ‘Junker’ Mulka (BattleForce CompuServe)
  • REV 6, 2/22/97 by Mike ‘Junker’ Mulka (BattleForce CompuServe)
  • REV 7, 3/12/97 by Mike ‘Junker’ Mulka (BattleForce CompuServe)
  • REV 8, 5/9/97 by Mike ‘Junker’ Mulka (BattleForce CompuServe)
  • REV 9, 10/9/97 by Mike ‘Junker’ Mulka (BattleForce CompuServe)
  • REV 10, 1/10/98 by Mike ‘Junker’ Mulka (BattleForce CompuServe)
  • REV 11, 5/10/98 by Mike ‘Junker’ Mulka (StarFleet Arena)
    • Reintegrated the PBEM Rules between BFC's original copy and the ADB PBEM Websites copy.
  • REV 12, 7/14/98 by Mike 'Junker' Mulka (StarFleet Arena)
    • Clarification of Guard assignments & RPSR SOP procedures
    • Addition of Hit & Run raid Autobreaks.
  • REV 13, 9/30/98 by Mike 'Junker' Mulka (StarFleet Arena)
    • (PB9.221) Delay Penalties adjusted to include Cargo and DAC damage.
    • (PB5.372) Auto Breaks adjusted to remove 10 hex range for course change.
  • REV 14, 11/15/98 by Mike 'Junker' Mulka (StarFleet Arena)
    • (PB5.371) Add Auto-break for fighter/shuttle crippling, and any UNIT firing heavy weapons (as opposed to any SHIP firing heavy weapons).
    • (PB8.3) Clarify Drone DDAP Damage order of Precedence.
    • (PB9.34) Add Seeking Weapon Movement guidelines for Moderators.
  • REV 15, 9/7/99 by Mike 'Junker' Mulka (StarFleet Arena)
    • (PB5.1) Adds requirement for FULL SOP's after every break.
    • (PB7.1) Clarifies "lettered" option phasers in dice list order.
    • (PB9.221) Clarifies delay penalty when out of hull/cargo.
  • REV 16, 2/3/06 by Frank Brooks (PBEM Coordinator)
    • General reformatting
    • (PB1.1) Removed EW exception from standard rules.
    • Made the Squadron Rules an official rule. It is now (PB12.0). The former (PB12.0) has been renumbered to (PB13.0). (It would be a little weird to have more rules after the Final Word wouldn't it?).

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