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In tournament games, the Moderator is supplied with a list of 100 each of D6 and 2D6 rolls to be used for each Player. (This is to assure all Players that the dice rolls are fair and that the Moderator cannot fudge the rolls in favor of one Player.)

There are different formats for dice lists. Generally, to find the first number to use, you would go to the topmost unused number in the leftmost column for that D6 or 2D6 section of that player. So, each time a player "rolls a dice" (ie; fires a weapon, attempts to ID a drone, etc…) you would go to the first unused number for that player, and use it.

For example: If you had a list that had one column for a player’s D6 rolls, you would simply use the topmost unused number in that column. If you had a dice list that had two columns of 50 numbers each, you would use the topmost unused number in the leftmost column, and go down the column until it was used up, at which point you would return to the topmost unused number of the unused column.

An example two column (8 roll) dice list would look similar to this:
9SFA117 (Moderator)
     Christopher Pike (FED)              Harry Mudd (ORI)
   D6               2D6              D6              2D6
  6   4           4    11          1   3           10    6
  2   2           7     8          4   1            9    5
  1   6          10     3          2   5           12    4
  3   5           9     7          3   6            7    8

(NOTE: The first three numbers of Pike's D6 list are shown as used. Also, the first five of Pike's 2D6 are shown used - for this 8 roll dice list.)

(PB7.1) DICE ROLLS FOR WEAPONS: When firing weapons, apply the dice rolls to all weapons fired simultaneously in the following sequence (Using 1st roll 1st.):

  1. Heavy Weapons, in sequence by their weapons designation, (A, B, C, etc). Lettered Option Mounts with Phasers are included in THIS sequence.
  2. Phaser 4s, in sequence by their weapons designation. (Bases and Juggernauts only)
  3. Phaser 1s, in sequence by their weapons designation, (1, 2, 3, etc.).
  4. Phaser 2s, in sequence by their weapons designation, (4, 5, 6, etc.).
  5. Phaser 3s, in sequence by their weapons designation, (7, 8, 9, etc.).

If more than one unit is firing (say, two ships, or a ship and its fighters) on the same impulse, roll all damage from the largest unit first, (designated by size class, and within the same size class, by total BPV) then the next largest unit, then the next. If two units are the same size, then roll them in order by their unit number.

(PB7.2) AUTOKILLS: Rolls which are unnecessary should not be used. For example, a ship making an HET with no chance of breakdown should not use up a dice roll for this purpose. Similarly, if a ship is firing two phaser-3s at an admin shuttle at range 1, the kill is automatic and the roll need not be made.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before a roll can be considered automatic BOTH PLAYERS must know that it is an autokill. A phaser-1 at a range 1 drone is only an autokill if both Players know it is a type-I.

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