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This document contains rules for playing Federation Commander via E-Mail. These are the official rules used by the Federation Commander Play-by-E-Mail (FCPBEM) System. Playing Federation Commander by E-mail is in many ways very different from a face-to-face game, though the Federation Commander rulebook is followed in almost every case. The FCPBEM rules attempt, as much as possible, to allow players to maintain direct control of their ships. However, it is not an exact duplicate of a face-to-face game.

The basic gist of the Federation Commander PBEM system is that you and your opponent submit your orders for the turn to a moderator via E-Mail. The moderator then processes them, and sends a "Sitrep" (Situation Report) to the players via E-Mail. You receive the results, write up your next set of orders, and then submit your orders once again. The process is repeated until the game is completed. Sounds simple? That's because it IS! It'll take a little getting used to (after all, what doesn't?), but once youíve got the hang of it, you'll be lobbing photon torpedoes (or whatever your weapon of choice is) at opponents from all over the world.

Every Federation Commander PBEM game has at least three participants: two or more players and one moderator. The moderatorís purpose is to accept orders from the players and carry them out, reporting the results of those orders to all players. While (s)he is not a player, the moderator fulfills a very important role in the game. Good moderators and good players make for a good, enjoyable game of Federation Commander. Moderating a Federation Commander PBEM game is also an excellent way to learn more about the Federation Commander rules.

NOTE: You will not be able to play Federation Commander PBEM unless you actually own the Federation Commander rules. If you do not have the rules for Federation Commander, you will need to purchase the rules from your local hobby or gaming store, or from ADB, Inc.

(1FC1) TERMS: Below is a list of terms used in these Federation Commander PBEM rules, along with their definitions:

  • PBEM (Play-by-E-Mail): The term for using E-Mail (or other electronic means) to send orders and turn results back and forth.
  • MODERATOR: The person who "runs" the Federation Commander PBEM game for the players.
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure): The written orders that a player submits to the moderator via E-Mail.
  • SITREP (Situation Report): The written results of each turn that the moderator sends to the players, showing what happened during that period of play.

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