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Fleet Action

The first PBEM fleet action, this took place between the Coalition and the Alliance, with 22 ships, 22 capatains and one moderator. This was a test of the fleet action rules. John Still moderated the battle, and John Hanna maintained the F001 Fleet Action web page.


Richard Eitzen's very interesting concept for a free-for-all game. Each player picked 3 ships of 3 different races of 3 different size classes to a total of 600 points, then brings them into a multi-player arena for a fight to the death. When one ship gets destroyed, the next one comes in. But the winner is not just the last man standing. Points were scored for how much you kill, not just how long you survive.

Ship selection was very simple: pretty much anything went. Simulator races, X-ships, Omega quadrant, whatever was wanted.

Tournament of Champions Hosted by Vandal, Tournament of Champions was a Best-of-the-Best tournament with a twist.

Operation Unity

This is perhaps the largest campaign in Star Fleet Battles! The key to the Andromedan Rapid Transport System has been discovered and the Galactic Powers prepare to assault the network of Satellite Bases that lead to the Lesser Magellanic Cloud and the Andromedan Desecrator Starbase. The Andromedans pull their forces back into the Cloud and prepare their defense.

Economy Of Force

Based on (T2.0) Economy Of Force, this mini-campaign is set in Y170 on the Lyran/Hydran border. There are a series of 3 scenarios, followed by a fleet battle. Signups are closed, David CatWhoLeaps Crew is the director.

The first round of this campaign has ended. The Hdyrans won the first scenario, the second was a draw, and the third was a split victory (Lyrans 2 victory points, Hyrans 1). The next (and last) round of this campaign will be a Hyran assault on a Lyran BATS.

Starbase Assault

Based on SG2.0 and originally started by Captain Paddy, Tim Corsair Sargent took over the moderation duties. This was the first use of the Communication Rules developed by Jeff Tonglet, which were later revised for the Fog of War scenarios.

Fog Of War I

Oringally concveived and started by Jeff Blackbeard Tonglet, and finished by David CatWhoLeaps Crew, Fog of War was designed to simulate the "fogginess" of the battlefield by isolating captains from each other (via the communication rules and tactical intelligence). This first battle was Alliance versus Coalition, with the Alliance winning.

Fog Of War II

The second installment of the Fog of War fleet battle used tactical intelligence combined with the Communication Rules. This battle has ended with the green fleet edging out a victory over the blue.

Fog of War III - SL217 Rescue The Kishawk

This battle is based on SL217 from Captain's Log #27. Both sides are popping out fighters and the Kishawk, unable to run, decides that cloaking is the better part of valor. This game will use D16.0 Advanced Boarding Party Combat, Hidden Cloaks and some rules from J2 and R10 as well.

Unfortunately, after the Gorns managed to tractor the Kishhawk and start towing it off for eventual capture, the moderator had to leave.

Fog of War IV

Fog of War 4 pits the Blue Fleet (Hydran, Lyran, Gorn, Romulan, and Tholian) against the Green Fleet (Federation, Klingon, Kzinti, ISC and Seltorian). Jim Hart is running this little foray into fleet action. For more details, cruise on over to the Fog of War IV web site. Current maps and SSDs are available courtesy of Vorlon here.

The Blue team has managed a win in this battle.

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