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Order of Moderation

Effecitve July 1, 2001, PBEM Moderators will be honored for distinguished service with the Order Of Moderation, a new Star Fleet Universe decoration. Moderators achieving high rank within the Order will also be eligible to receive a free issue of Captain's Log when their decoration is announced.

Eligibility: Any PBEM Moderator, in any PBEM event approved by ADB.


  • Order of Moderation, 3rd Class, achieved at 25 Moderator Points.
  • Order of Moderation, 2nd Class, achieved at 50 Moderator Points.
  • Order of Moderation, 1st Class, achieved at 100 Moderator Points.

Prizes: Moderators will receive special mention in the next issue of Captain's Log upon achieveing any of the above levels. Moderators will receive a free issue of the Captain's Log in which they are mentioned when they achieve 2nd or 1st Class.

Earning Points: By moderating or webmastering PBEM games. Points are awarded on a scale based on the number of players in a game and the length of the game in turns, as follows:

  • BASE POINTS will be the total number of players (not ships) divided by three (round up). The Moderator is eligible to receive this base at the beginning of the game and at the end of any turn that is evenly divisible by 3 (3,6,9, etc).
  • Webmastering a game will achieve 1 point plus one at the end of any turn divisible by 3.
EXAMPLE 1: Standard tournament game, runs 6 turns, moderator also is webmaster: 5 points.
EXAMPLE 2: Fog of War 1: 24 players, 5 turns, separate moderator and webmaster. Moderator gets 16 points, Webmaster 2.

Eligible Games: To be eligible for Moderator Points the game must meet these criteria:

  1. The game must run to completion.
  2. The moderator must not drop out of the game.
  3. A web page for the game must be maintained and completed.
  4. The game must be pre-approved for inclusion by the PBEM staff.

HR, SFA, and Pick-Up Games are automatically elegible. Other PBEM Special Event games will be handled on an individual basis.

Games Completed Prior to July 1, 2001: Anyone can receive up to 20 Moderator Points for games completed prior to July 1, 2001 if the game meets all of the above criteria.

How To Begin: If you would like to start accumulating Moderator Points, E-mail the PBEM Coordinator with the following information:

  1. Your Contact Data (name, handle, address, phone, E-mail)
  2. The name of the game that you moderated. (Tourney, event, game number)
  3. The URL of the web page for the game.

Points will be awarded based on the information available on the web site. Make sure that the web site is up-to-date and complete before requesting points. By complete, the page should indicate a victor.

Current Moderator Points are posted here.

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