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Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc., has taken over as publisher of SFB and the Star Fleet Universe from TFG. Task Force Games will have no further role in publishing SFB products. All future products will be produced and marketed by ADB, Inc. ADB,  Inc. is a proud member of the Game Manufacturers' Association.

You may want to make a note of the contact information for the new publisher:

Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc., Post Office Box 8759, Amarillo TX 79114
Physical Address: 1504 Southwest 10th, Amarillo TX 79101
Telephone: 806-351-1950

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Email (Rules) : rules@StarFleetGames.Com
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Technical glitches with the website should be emailed to the Graphics Director
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Some SFB staffers at the convention in Denver in February 2006. From left to right:
Scott Moellmer, Commander of Battle Laboratory #1.
Gary Plana, Prime Directive Chief of Staff.
An unknown Red Shirt who did not survive the trip.
F&E Department Head Chuck Strong
ADB Vice President Steven P Petrick

Isis and Ramses

Security Staff: Ramses (left) and Isis.

Nothing from these web pages may be reposted to any other website or BBS without ADB's permission.
Elements of the Star Fleet Universe are the property of Paramount Pictures corporation and are used with their permission.


CATALOG: You can obtain a current catalog at this url:
SPARE PARTS: If you want the spare parts list, you can find it at the Star Fleet Store.
SHOPPING CART: You can order any available product from our shopping cart at:

SCHEDULE: Our current product schedule is available at

MINIATURES: Our Starline 2400 series ships are beautiful pewter models of the ships of the Star Fleet Universe. Over 100 ships are available and more are added every three months (or more often). Some of these ships date from the original Starline 2200 range or the limited production Starline 2300 range (but are now in pewter instead of lead) but many are entirely new. More information is available at

GURPS PRIME DIRECTIVE: Under an arrangement between ADB Inc. and Steve Jackson Games, ADB Inc. will be publishing a series of RPG sourcebooks and other materials based on the Star Fleet Universe. Visit the GURPS Prime Directive page at

See our other website at


CONVENTIONS can obtain a box of SFB products to give away in exchange for a full-page ad in your program; see We will continue the previous "Rated Ace" program, and will now provide judges with benefits of their own; see We will sponsor and run the events at Origins; we will sponsor events at GenCon but cannot attend.

STELLAR SHADOWS is a line of official but non-historical SFB products. You can get information at

GALAXY MODULES (also known as E modules) are packages of new races. We produce them as submissions warrant or you can negotiate a deal with us to pay for the publication of your own E-module and get a share of the profits.

WEB POLICY: If you have a website using SFB items, we are happy but you need to dot a few legal i’s and cross a few t’s; see the policy document at Our policy is designed to legalize the many fan-created sites and keep them going, while adding more sites by players who were unwilling to create them without ADB permission.

ON-LINE GAMING: We have licensed with Franz Games, LLC to create an on-line gaming environment; see


ARTISTS: Many computer artists have contacted us looking for work; if you are an artist, you can contact us at Artist guidelines are located in the Input Guide.

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5. Take a Virtual Tour of Our New Office:

13 Jan 2009: Just after buying the building.
3 Feb 2009: When we had just moved in.
26 March 2009: We are all moved in!


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