Maesron Tournament Cruiser

The Maesron Tournament Cruiser is an example of ships from the Omega Sector. The full rules for the Maesron can be found in Module Omega 1: The Omega Sector. Here is a synopsis of Maesron specific rules needed to play the Maesron Tournament Cruiser.

1) Wide Angle Phasers. The Maseron is armed with wide angle phaser-1s and wide angle phaser-3's. These operate in all ways like regular phaser-1s and phaser-3s, including arming costs, phaser capacitors, firing delays, costs to repair, and the ability to repair a PW-1 as a PW-3 or downfire a PW-1 ad a PW-3. The only differences between wide angle phasers and regular phasers are the differences found on the damage charts (wide angle phasers do slightly more consistent damage than regular phasers, but do a little less on average).

2) Tachyon Guns. The Maesron carries tachyon guns as heavy weapons. They are two-turn arming weapons, that can be armed with between 1 and 7 power each turn, for a total of between 2 to 8 power in the gun (i.e. the gun can fire with a minimum of 2 total power or a maximum of 8; examples of legal tachyon gun arming costs include 2+2, 1+3, 3+4, 7+1, etc. A tachyon gun may not be armed with more than 8 total power). The more power the gun is armed with, the more damage it does, but the shorter its range is, as can be seen on the tachyon gun weapon chart. An armed tachyon gun can be held during energy allocation at a cost of 1/2 the power the gun is armed with (for example, a tachyon gun armed with 4 total power could cost 2 power to hold during energy allocation). A held tachyon gun can have power added to it during energy allocation (in addition to the holding cost) or using reserve power at the moment of firing. Tachyon guns operate in all other ways like regular multi-turn arming heavy weapons (including penalties for firing at drones). If a tachyon gun hits a target at range 0, it causes feedback damage equal to 25% of its warhead strength (drop fractions). They have no specific overload function. A tachyon gun is damaged on TORP damage points, and has a repair cost of 8.

3) Tachyon Missile Racks. The Maesron is armed with two tachyon missile racks that operate in most respects like regular drone racks, with the following differences: The Maesron Tournament Cruiser can only fire one tachyon missile rack per turn, but could fire one rack on impulse 32 of one turn and the other rack on impulse 1 of the next turn. Tachyon missile racks contain 5 missiles each, with no reloads. If a tachyon missile rack is destroyed (on a DRONE damage point), one tachyon missile in the rack is destroyed (player's choice). If the rack is later repaired (repair cost of 5), the remaining tachyon missiles are still available and can be launched immediately.

4) Tachyon Missiles. Tachyon missiles are essentially very large drones that mostly operate like regular drones (they seek their target like drones, can be distracted by wild weasels, can HET once every 32 impulses, have 3 turns of endurance, etc.) Tachyon missiles have complex construction rules and have a lot of opportunity for unique designs, but the Maesron Tournament Cruiser only has the option of two different missile types, which can be found on the Maesron Tournament Cruiser SSD (they are both speed 22). The Maesron Tournament Cruiser can freely mix and match the two available missiles in its racks, setting the loadout at the start of each tournament game. Tachyon missiles take two control slots each, so the Maesron can only control a maximum of 3 missiles at one time. Tachyon missiles are damaged like shuttles rather than drones in most respects--they take damage from other seeking weapons (and aren't just killed outright by a drone impact), they are fired at by phasers and heavy weapons as if they were shuttles, they take damage from ADDs and type VI drones as if they were shuttles. Tachyon missiles take 4 impulses to "arm" after launch and can't damage their target till the 4th impulse after launch at earliest. If they reach their target's hex before the 4 impulse arming period, they adopt an evasion plot until the arming period is over, at which point they start seeking their target again. The missiles available to the Maesron Tournament Cruiser come with a point of built in anti-tractor power (so it always takes at least 2 power to tractor one of these missiles).
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