The d20 game system by Wizards of the Coast is based on heroic adventure and combat. It is a relatively easy system to manage and play. Everything is based on 20-sided dice. Players are members of a "class" such as "fighter pilot" or "Naval officer" or "Orion Pirate".

CORE RULEBOOK: Prime Directive PD20M is based on d20 Modern rules, which work better for Science Fiction than the dungeon-based V3.5 rules. This game allows characters to be anything, from the Star Fleet crew to the Marines, from Orion Pirates to archaeologists, from a bunch of reserve officers looking to recapture the adventures of their long-lost youth, to a squadron of fighter pilots whose parties are as wild as their dogfights. Or you could be a Prime Team, Star Fleet's elite problem-solving teams that combine the skills of scientists, diplomats, and commandoes. The d20 Modern version of the core rules is designed for use with the WOTC d20 Modern Roleplaying Core Rulebook, which most d20M players already have. Buy it HERE.

While the core rulebook for Wizards of the Coast d20 Modern is out of print, there is a free alternate core rulebook available here:  

Prime Directive Character Sheet (Adobe Acrobat Required)
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FEDERATION:This 148-page manual covers everything you could want to know about those good guys of the galaxy, the Federation. Extensive history of the Federation, politics and culture, a dozen member planets, military organizations, starships, police, intelligence agencies, etc. FEDERATION PD20M stock #8702 $24.95

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KLINGONS: The first in a series of Empire Manuals, this book tells you everything you need to know to explore the Empire of Steel (or to become a command grade officer in it). History, government, religions (you thought they only had one?), military (Fleet, Army, Marines), intelligence and security organizations, Imperial paladins, civil and military nobility, weapons, planetary surveys, ground vehicles, military decorations and ranks, and starships. 146-pages. stock #8703 $25 Available Now. Buy it HERE.

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ROMULANS: This 146-page manual covers every aspect of the Star Empire, including the great houses, the military, politics, industry, religion, politics, planetary surveys, weapons, politics, military ranks and medals, governmental structure, politics, History, culture, politics, Emperors, Praetors, politics, starship data, ground vehicles, politics, intelligence agencies, suppressed races, deck plans for the modular Skyhawk destroyer, and of course politics! ROMULANS PD20M stock #8704 forthcoming 2011.
KLINGON GUNBOAT DECK PLANS: Usable for any RPG, these plans show the entire G1-class gunboat, both decks, the command boom, corridors, weapons, systems, and controls. Includes 27 full color cardstock crew characters. $16.95 SKU 8201. Available Now.
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