Ranking points will be awarded to the participants of each registered PBEM game. These points are accumulated and used to determine an individuals “rank” within the PBEM community.

** The PBEM ranking system is separate from the ranking system ADB, Inc. uses for official submissions. Points earned in the PBEM system do not count towards rank in ADB, and vice-versa.**


In an effort to avoid confusing PBEM ranks with ADB, Inc. ranks, the following ranks are used, based on the Kzinti military ranking system:

RankPoints Needed
Lieutenant 5th1 point
Lieutenant 4th4 points
Lieutenant 3rd7 points
Lieutenant 2nd10 points
Lieutenant 1st16 points
Commander 5th22 points
Commander 4th28 points
Commander 3rd34 points
Commander 2nd40 points
Commander 1st52 points
Captain 5th64 points
Captain 4th72 points
Captain 3rd84 points
Captain 2nd96 points
Captain 1st108 points
Admiral 5th128 points
Admiral 4th148 points
Admiral 3rd168 points
Admiral 2nd188 points
Admiral 1st225 points

Note: It is not possible to drop below Lieutenant 5th rank by losing games.

Points Awarded

Single Player Games

Winner+3 points
Loser-1 point
Draw+1 for each player

Multiple Player Games

Generally, there are two types of multi-player games: games with distinct sides (i.e. large fleet battles) and free-for-alls. Both of these types of games will have the points available determined on a case-by-case basis by the game’s moderator and the PBEM staff.

Distinct side games will only award points for the winning side. The losing side will not be penalized for losing.

Free-for-all games will award points based on the length of survival (the longer you last, the more points you can earn).

Requirements For Point Earning

In order for a game to be eligible to earn ranking points, the following restrictions apply:

1)All players and the moderator must be registered with PBEM and on the active players list.
2)A game number must be assigned via the game registration process on the PBEM site.
3)A web page must be maintained for the game. If a web master is not available, a request for a web master can be made on the SFB BBS on the ADB, Inc. site.
4)We would like to have the web pages of completed games kept posted. However, we under stand that this is not always possible. If, for whatever reason, the web page cannot be maintained after the completion of the game, the PBEM staff must be notified so we can save the web page to another site. If a web page disappears without prior notification, all points awarded for that game will be removed.
5)All players and the moderator must remain active in the game until the game’s completion. See the special cases section below for resolving the situation if one of the participants leaves the game.
6)The moderator is responsible for requesting the game number and informing the PBEM staff of the game’s completion.

Special Cases

Web Masters

While a web page is required for each game, it must be noted that the web master does not need to be registered with PBEM to host a PBEM game. Do not let the lack of a registered web master stop you from playing a PBEM game.

Participants leaving a game

As unfortunate as it may be, we understand that SFB may not be the most important thing in your life. Real life has a very bad habit of interfering with things. That being the case, the following rules apply when a participant leaves a game.

Player Dropping

Advance Notice Given:
If the game has not reached the end of turn 2, the remaining player and moderator have two choices:
-Another player can be found to take the place of the leaving player. If this happens, the game resumes as if the new player had been the original player. The leaving player suffers no penalties or losses.
-The game can stopped. If this occurs, the game ends as a draw, with the remaining player receiving 1 point. Again, the leaving player suffers not penalties or losses.

If the game has progressed past the end of turn 2, the remaining player is issued a win. The remaining player is awarded 2 points (instead of the standard 3). The leaving player is issued a lose, but no points are deducted from that player’s rank total.

No advance warning given:
The game is considered completed with the remaining player declared the winner, regardless of the situation within the game. Points are awarded as if the game had completed normally (i.e. the leaving player will be issued a loss and points will be deducted from the player’s total). Also see The Bad News for allowing dropped players to participate in future PBEM games.

Moderator dropping:

If the game has not reached the end of turn 2, the players have two choices:
-Another moderator can be found to run the game. If a new moderator is found, the game.
-The game can stopped. If this occurs, the game ends as a draw, with each player receiving 1 point.

If the game has advanced past the end of turn 2, the game ends as a draw, with each player receiving 1 point.

If no advance notice is given by the moderator, see The Bad News for allowing the moderator to participate in future PBEM games.

The Bad News

Our desire is to have an active community of PBEM players. However, we understand that you are not available 24-7-365 to play, and there will be vacations, tornadoes, hard drive crashes, etc. which will cause delays and disappearances. We are fairly certain that most players will, in these situations, make some sort of effort to inform the other participants of their game(s).

Unfortunately, there are some who, for one reason or another, will not make this effort. So…

Any person who has not participated in a game (as a player or moderator) during a calendar year, needs to send an “I’m still around and interested” note to the PBEM staff. If said note is not received, the person will be placed on the inactive list.

People on the inactive list will not be eligible for participation in official PBEM games, but will retain any rank/points awarded.

Any person on the inactive list needs to send an “I’m back and ready to participate again” note to the PBEM staff. Once this note is received, the person will be placed back on the active list.

Any person who remains on the inactive list for more than 1 year will have their registration revoked. Should this occur, any rank/points that have been awarded will be removed as well. Should the person desire to participate in another event, the registration process will need to be completed again.

Any person who drops from a game without prior notice (player or moderator) will be immediately placed on the inactive list. In addition to the “I’m back..” reactivation note, this person will also have to give an explanation for their disappearance.

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