Historical Downloads
Player Resources

Historical Downloads
History of the General War
pdf Federation NCC list
pdf Magellanic History
pdf Omega Factions
pdf Pre-ISC Factions
pdf SFU Index
pdf Standard Planetary Classes
pdf Starship Name Registry
pdf Universe Timeline

Technology Documents
pdf Deck Plans for Klingon D7
pdf Warp speed in the Star Fleet Universe
pdf Klingon Frigate Evolution
pdf Klingon F5 Frigate Technical Readout

Historical Maps
pdf Gazetteer
pdf Gazetteer Hex
pdf Galaxy Map
pdf Magellanic Map
pdf New Omega Maps Y100
pdf New Omega Maps Y162
pdf New Omega Maps Y183
pdf New Omega Maps Y192
pdf New Omega Maps Y210
pdf Orion Cartel Color Map
pdf Warp speed in the Star Fleet Universe
pdf Campaign Map (East)
pdf Campaign Map (West)
Martin Evan's Star Fleet Universe Map

Historical Graphics
pdf Empire Insignia
pdf Federation Enlisted Ranks
pdf Federation Officer Rank Insignia
Federation Officer Rank Insignia JPEG version
pdf Gorn Rank Insignia
pdf Hydran Rank Insignia
pdf Klingon Orders
pdf Klingon Rank Insignia
pdf Klingon Ranks ESS
pdf Klingon Ranks ESS EMs
pdf Klingon Ranks Army
pdf Klingon Ranks Army EMs
pdf Klingon Ranks Marines
pdf Klingon Ranks Marine EMs
pdf Klingon Ranks Navy EMs
pdf Kzinti Rank Insignia
pdf Old Galaxy Pirate
pdf Pilot's Wings of the Star Fleet Universe
pdf Prime Directive PD20 Character Sheet
pdf Romulan Rank Insignia
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