March 2010

F&E Q&A [Continued]

Q: Can an empire voluntarily destroy its own existing base? There are (admittedly bizarre) cases under which this would be a good thing to do.
  A: There are no rules in the game allowing this to happen. Whether such rules might be added in F&E-2010 would be something for the staff to discuss.
   Q: Rule (539.72) third paragraph states that two theater transports working together can move a mobile base. Can two theater transports working together move a FRD?
    A: Sorry, but no. The rule very specifically lists what a theater transport can carry. A FRD is not listed, so, it may not.
     Q: On Turn #2 of the General War, the Lyrans want to set up a mobile base at 1509, which is out of Lyran supply range. They can, nonetheless, use Strategic Movement (costing the Klingons a move, as well) to get to 1509, set up the base normally, and leave during Turn #3, without costing anyone homeless/expeditionary EPs. Or did I miss something?
     A: Rule (510.0) provides all the information for mobile bases. It states in (510.11) that a mobile base does not provide supplies and such a base is out of supply if not connected to a supply grid. Anyone can set up a mobile base out of supply, but it has no effect until connected to a supply grid. So, in this example, the Lyrans can set up the mobile base there, but it will do nothing for them until it is connected to the Lyran supply grid.
   Q: Since the Hydran PGR starts in the off-map area, can it be moved to the survey ship record form immediately or does it have to wait an extra turn?
   A: You still need to wait one turn to get to the survey area. The off-map area is just more civilized area that is not on the map. The survey area is the far reaches of your space and it still takes time and commitment to be there. Also note that any survey ship built in an off-map shipyard would also have to wait one turn to be sent to survey duty.
Q: Can I use an engineer regiment (541.0) to add a PDU on a planet with existing PDUs during the production phase then move the engineer regiment to a different location during the Operational Movement Phase of the turn?
    Also, as I read the rules, a PDU (443.421) costs 5 points + 3 points for fighters under the self-generation system. The presence of the engineer regiment reduces the cost by five points meaning I only have to pay for the fighters.
  A: Rule (541.31) states that engineer regiments can perform any construction function that a tug can do but the cost is reduced by 5 EPs. So the PDU cost is the one for the tug to deliver a PDU and would be (7-5) = 2 + 3 for a total of five EPs and the engineer regiment would have to remain in the hex for the whole turn, just like a tug.
     Q: Can you deliver EPs to an ally by using only your own Strategic Movement Network that is co-located in your ally's capital hex (thus avoiding counting against your ally's Strategic Movement capacity)?
     A: As long as your own strategic movement network has a node in your ally's capital, you can use just your own Strategic Movement capacity.