Battle Group Spokane-Kootnei

We have two Game Stores that form our home base - Merlyns, - Dt. Spokane, WA, and Gamers Haven, Spokane Valley, WA.  We do special orders thru Merlyn's Book and Game Shop, but put on games irregularily at Gamers Haven in the Spokane Valley, WA.  We also connect with Strategy n' Games, Couer d'Alene, ID., at the Silver Lake Mall.

Recent Activites:

We will put on, and host a gaming Demo, based on SFB's 2012 Tourney Rules for Miniature Ships, using a regular Miniature Hex Map - Stock # 0020. This will be a free-for-all game, using house rules established to set up more than two players on same map. Available in print, on demand ahead of time for all players. Also sold thru Nenay3 Game Productions, for a $10 donation, to make the printers happy...We will have other games avaiable, especially SFBF, with it's many expanstions added in....

Demo by Ed Conner
Starbase attack/defense Federation Vs. Lyrans. This two day event at Ed's Home will use the Stock # 0020 Battle Maps, and have space for at least a battle from 155 hexes out from the Fed. Starbase, for the Lyrans to attack from. No minefield, however the Fed's will have 15 ships (6 POL), no PF's, but will have a planet and bombers, to defend itself. The Lyran Attack Force will be 30 ships, with at least 2 players, dividing the forces into at least 1/2, or 1/3, for each player. This two Day event will be posted later, as to the battle outcome...

Gameday at Couer d'Alene, ID
Demo of several SFB games available, also evaluated other space games, for the con, and members of the gathering-con, of non-ADB games.

Radcon 2/14/2014
Taught 8 members of con to play SFB, many different races in free-for-all, for one turn, or more...

Playtest by Cond'Alene
F&E game with three players testing the new ISC rules. This was several years ago, but we also playtest new SFBF rules and ships each quarter, at our local club - SGRGA gatherings, with the new Captains Log ships, as well as the old rules, to see how they fit together...

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