The Carnivons were descended from the same genetic stock that the ancient Leopard Kings planted on several planets, spawning the tiger-like Kzintis and lynxoid Lyrans. The Carnivons were wolf-like, and operated in packs with no central government. The predictable result was their annihilation. But there were historical alternatives that almost happened. One Carnivon leader almost became the mythical Gookwar, the emperor of all Carnivons. He might have led his species to not just survival, but conquest. Even in the final days of the Carnivons, one horde dove into the WYN Cluster but did not survive long enough to plant a colony that might have become an important factor. What if they had made it?

55 new starships of every type and class
11 new fighters, 4 new bombers, 16 new gunboats
Complete rules for heel nippers and deathbolts
140 die-cut counters
Five new scenarios

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